NETCHEX welcomes you to . . .

. . . . Junior t20 Chess Fun

Quickly scan the stuff below then

There are 20 family-friendly problems in the set

1 to 6 are White to move and mate in 1 move
7 to 20 are White to move and mate in 2 moves
1 to 12 are Novice-friendly
13 to 20 are slightly tougher

Only White's first move is needed for these problems

To MOVE: click a piece on the diagram, then its target
square. Don't Drag&Drop OR type your solution

You have 20 minutes to solve them (1 min each)

For each correct answer you score 5 points
Otherwise, you score:

. . . 1 point for having a go

. . . another for moving the right piece

. . . NOTHING for not trying

Solving is continuous for the 20 problems

Solutions, scores & times are given on completion

Thereafter, you have 2 hours to eMail your score to Mission
Control before the App resets so that you can try again