NETCHEX welcomes you to . . .

. . . . The Lincoln Memorial

Quickly scan the stuff below then

There are 20 problems in the set

Composed by US Miniature Master Robert Lincoln

ALL are "White to move and mate in 2 moves"

Only White's first move is needed for these #2 problems

To MOVE: click a piece on the diagram, then its target square
Don't Drag&Drop OR type your solution

You have 20 minutes to solve them (1 min each)

For each correct answer you score 5 points. Otherwise

. . . 1 point for having a go

. . . another for getting the key piece right

You score nothing for not trying

Solving is continuous for the 20 problems

Solutions, scores & times are given on completion

Thereafter, you have 2 hours to eMail your score to Mission
Control before the App resets so that you can try again