NETCHEX welcomes you to . . .

. . . . The Lipton Test

Quickly scan the stuff below then

There are 20 problems in the set

Composed by International Master Michael Lipton

ALL are "White to move and mate in 2 moves"

Only White's first move is needed for these #2 problems

You have 20 minutes to solve them (1 min each)

For each correct answer you score 5 points. Otherwise

. . . 1 point for having a go

. . . another for getting the key piece right

You score nothing for not trying

Solving is continuous for the 20 problems

Solutions, scores & times are given on completion

Thereafter, you have 2 hours to eMail your score to Mission
Control before the App resets so that you can try again

Important technical notes include:

To MOVE a piece click on its square, then its destination

. . . Drag&Drop isn't implemented

To RESET a problem simply click on the 'Key' cell to empty it

Under-promote by clicking on a piece below the diagram

Click the GET NEXT PROBLEM button if you solve quickly
OR give up OR want to click through to the solutions